Running October 2021, GlobeScreen Shorts Festival welcomes submissions from short filmmakers around the world. 6 films will be accepted for the festival. Submit your short with the button below. 2021 Submissions are now closed.


2021 Festival Trailer


GlobeScreen Shorts is pleased to announce the official selection for its 2021 Edition: Wild Cherry (Yoshi Kuremura), Out of Time (Delphine Montaigne), Slots (Maryam Ghorbankarimi and Anthony Povah), Ruth & Safiya (Louisa Mackleston), Immune (Robert Macfarlane) and Succulente (Eliot Margueron).

The Festival returns in 2022 and a call for entries will open next year. GlobeScreen Shorts is operated by GlobeScreen Group. To learn more about the company’s festivals and other programming visit: